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I didn’t expect that Pluto would also come。

This is a bit lively,Everyone seems to watch Xia Chenglong first,Even Yue Wuhen was a little surprised,It turns out that this guy’s background is not simple。
“Jia Pai,Are we eligible to fight now??”
joke,Count Xia Chenglong himself,There are a total of seven holy places above the fifth rank。
Three of the eight products,Two Seven,A five-pin,Such strength has steadily stabilized on the other side,The key is that they will not be wary of other families。
Everyone was confused by Xia Chenglong’s sudden adjustment,It turns out that this guy is a master who pretends to be a pig and eat a tiger!
Everything before was acting?
Actually it’s not that exaggerated,Shengde Academy will help because he helps suppress the evil,This is calculated long ago,So deploy in advance。
Even so,Not much time for them to prepare,They also contacted after Xia Chenglong absorbed the dragon roaming spirit。
The two sides are deadlocked again,If you really want to fight,In the end, I’m afraid that no one will benefit。
Chapter five hundred and twenty seven Cooperation
No one gave in,Then hit。
For a time,Heaven and earth aura becomes manic,Everyone raises their momentum to the strongest。
Just when everyone was ready to shoot,Chen Zhennan stood up:“Everybody,It’s not a good time to do it now,Do you want to listen to me。”
Someone is a peacemaker,Other people are willing。
“Everybody,No matter what kind of grudges you had before,The purpose of my family here is not to fight, right?!”Chen Zhennan smiled casually:“Not as good as everyone,Open the stone gate first,As for the rest,Then leave it to fate,how is it?”
Everyone did not speak,In fact, there is already a choice!