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Xiang Chen looked at Gao Lan helplessly,Transience is indeed a little short,But as a person with normal vision,Gao Lan shouldn’t fail to see the handsome scene of her empty-handed win?Why in such a situation,This woman still doesn’t believe in herself?

Thinking about how to explain to Gao Lan,She can understand that she is a very powerful person,Not waiting for Xiang Chen to speak,Gao Lan’s voice stopped abruptly。
Xiang Chen was stunned,I wondered if Gao Lan became quiet because of her own brain waves.,Then accompanied by Gao Lan’s surprised eyes,Xiang Chen felt that many people were standing behind him。
Xiang Chen turned his head slowly,People dressed in different clothes are already standing behind him,Someone in suit and leather shoes,Someone full of tattoos,But these people of all kinds,Have one thing in common,That’s not like a good person。
The noisy restaurant suddenly became quiet,Only Gao Ya made some discordant noises because of fear of running into her mother’s arms,No other sound anymore。
Xiang Chen frowned,Staring deeply at these people behind me,Miscellaneous soldiers are not scary,But the large number of miscellaneous soldiers is a headache!And mixed,In such a situation, it is very difficult to ensure that you are not injured,Not to mention protecting Gao Lan’s mother and daughter!
While thinking about countermeasures quickly,Xiang Chen also admired in his heart,No wonder the owner of Dong’an Hotel clamored for him to not go out。Such a short time,Gathered so many people,To be fair!
Xiang Chen is still admiring,From the back kitchen, Li Dongan, holding two kitchen knives, rushed out.,Then the whole person was stunned!
Li Dongan, who came up from the bottom of society, naturally knows what these people standing in his store do.,I did find some related forces to solve Xiang Chen,But among these people,And no one to notify……
Suspiciously looking towards Xiang Chen,Then Li Dongan saw the same confused eyes as himself。
After a brief peaceful exchange,Whether it’s Xiang Chen or Li Dongan,Facing these people who suddenly appeared, they all showed a confused look。
“Dong brother, here we come!The one who doesn’t open his eyes dared to come to you and make trouble……Good brother tiger,Why are you here,Eat??My brother!”
Just when everyone is lost,Three unscrupulous youths with dyed hair appeared at the door and walked into the Dong’an Hotel。I greeted Li Dongan warmly and arrogantly.,I just saw these people gathered next to the Audi,Changed direction halfway。
no doubt,These middle-aged people standing in Audi cars are not social idlers from the same organization,It’s just that there is a person named Pei Qinhu,It’s pretty prestigious,The people around also give him face,Naturally putCLeft to him。
“We came here because something happened,You are familiar with the boss here?”
Pei Qinhu looked at the person who greeted him enthusiastically,I can’t remember this guy’s name anymore,I wanted to come to worship the mountain with that little brother,Know myself。
I looked back at the people around me,Most of the people here know themselves,There was even some small friction,Just nobody thought,Today I will receive a call from someone like Boss Wu。
on the phone,Boss Wu’s assistant told me very clearly,Is helping a big man solve some unnecessary troubles,That big man doesn’t want to expose himself,So people like myself can’t bother。
The message is clear,It’s just who is the big man but it’s not clear。But people like Pei Qinhu,I’m not melancholy now,Here are some giveaways,And I know the boss very well,Then everything is easy to say!