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Mo Mo looked at Xiang Chen who was lying on the sofa,Can’t help the mockery on my face。

“Isn’t there an outsider there?!I have to endure the pain!”
Xiang Chen’s facial expression successfully expressed his touch at the moment,Mo Mo still wants to laugh at Xiang Chen,The door of the other bedroom was also pushed open。
“I hear no sound,I wanted to come out and have a look,Sister Mo Mo,If there is nothing wrong with my body,I want to go home,Didn’t go back yesterday,My assistant is worried about me。”
After opening the door,I was completely taken aback by the sight in front of me,Thinking of raising ten Erha at home, it’s not necessarily like this,Ye, who spoke a little incoherently, took a lot of effort,To express my thoughts。
“This will take you home,Because the guy next door may not be safe if he travels now!”
Mo Mo readily agreed,As for the guy next door,Ye Qingqing naturally knew that he was talking about Li Tianxing,Just to the sight in front of you,She still can’t imagine,What happened to the ping pong pong just now。
“If i tell you,Just had a pillow fight with Li Zhaoxing,Do you believe it?”
Xiang Chen looks sincere when he speaks,It looks like the way Mo Mo lied to the little girl,It’s just that Ye Qingchun couldn’t believe it,Li Zhengyang is a character who can stir the situation in the devil,Will play a pillow fight with Xiang Chen……
“Recently,Don’t go out often,You can ask your assistant to buy,Security in your community is good,Are all retired soldiers,Normal people should not be able to break in!”
Follow Ye Qingqing into the community where she lives,Mo Mo already has a general understanding of the surrounding environment。
“Every district in the magic city is safe,I really don’t understand what you are doing so cautiously!”
On the road, I learned that I was abandoned by my father,Once again reduced to Xiang Chen’s wallet,Li Tianxing has a kind of broken jar456.move,The tone of speech is no longer conscientious。
Since his father can abandon his younger son for the eldest son,What does he do for the youngest son??And the so-called masters from the family,Even if Li Tianlin is in Xiang Chen’s hands, he won’t be nothing.!A lot of truth,Li Tianxing doesn’t understand,But just know how to accept。
“you need to know,If it wasn’t us sitting in your car not long ago,It’s not necessarily because you have been torn up!”
Mo Mo slapped her face mercilessly,Li Tianxing looked dissatisfied,I just couldn’t find anything to refute Mo Mo for a while。
“how?Don’t know what to say?”