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“but,If you have a chance to join the tens of billions club in the future,Please remember the experience these days,My generation of warriors suffer from secret medicine,As long as you stand in a high position and raise your arms,I will definitely help。”

When Tu Chuan said these words,Look very serious,Lu Menglin can clearly feel his sincerity。
“If one day,I will try my best。”Lu Menglin pondered for a long while,Finally nodded and said。
These days,The biggest impact on him is the change in the mindset of the secret medicine warrior。
The scale and number of arcane warriors are much larger than I imagined,Their strengths are also uneven,That is, there are peerless masters like Tu Chanchun,There are also ordinary warriors like Hu Tianbiao,There are even those who are only qualified to take medicine residue。
And these people are not all evil monsters,There are good people and bad people。But after all,These are poor people under control。
Hainuo Lab uses secret medicine to control these people,Sphere of influence all over the world,Whether it is the wealth circle,Or martial arts circle,All have a strong influence。
If you don’t see it with your own eyes,Who can imagine that even the entire Golden Triangle has been controlled by them secretly,And built such a city in the jungle。
“Before you leave,You can control the city through Liu Niuer,He dare not resist。”Tu Ching smiled slightly,Said。
“what?”Lu Menglin was surprised,I don’t understand the meaning of Tu Qinqin。
Tu Ching said proudly:“This was originally the purpose of this trip to the Golden Triangle,Who wins the matchmaking meeting,Eligible to be the lord of the city for two years,You are in favor of Liu Niu’er,Who dare not accept?”
Speaking of which,Tu Chanchun blinked suddenly,Smiled:“This city is like I’ve been sleepy with you for so long,Send your compensation!Besides, with the support of the Golden Triangle,Plus your own talents,Should reach ten billion net worth soon,Don’t forget your promise today。”
For a long time,The original foreshadowing of Tu Chingchu is here,He hasn’t given up,I want to wait for Lu Menglin to earn tens of billions of net worth,After becoming a member of the Ten Billion Club,Fight for the rights of the secret medicine warrior。
“Brother Tu,Where are you going?”Lu Menglin suddenly asked。
Tu Chuan raised his head,Proudly:“Of course I went to chase down Fan Zhu’s dog!They dare to plot against me,How can I show my way of killing him if I don’t kill him。”
“so smart?You can relax!Don’t get killed!Shall I go with you??”Lu Menglin laughed。