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“Will do,Sister, I also have magical powers now,Nothing will happen。”After the purple girl smiled slightly,Just said“But Zilanxuan has troubled you these few days。”

“Do not worry,Brother Wei Zhuang and I will look after Zilanxuan for sister Zinv。”Nongyu nodded and agreed。
Although Wei Zhuang didn’t say,But by looking at his expression, you know that Zilanxuan will love him。
“Ok。”See here,The purple girl grabbed the chain snake soft sword in her hand。
Then under the gaze of Wei Zhuang and Nongyu,A ray of light shines on the body,The whole person disappeared into the room out of thin air。。。
Chapter Seventy Seven:Tony
Setting up the problem“master,When is the guest coming?”Wait until Wencai and Qiusheng have dealt with the master’s account,Ran over and asked。
“All done?”Uncle Jiu did not answer,But asked again。
To these two apprentices,He is still a little worried,Play too hard。
“master,Everything you explained is done,I bought what I wanted,In the house。”Wen Cai guarantees。
“master,I clean up the room too,Absolutely spotless。”See the text,Qiusheng is not far behind。
“Ok。”I saw the two apprentices guarantee,Uncle Jiu is relieved now。