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“I’m right to pay you, right??”

“You just need to be responsible to me,Is this correct??”
Jack·Welch can’t answer。
“Then can you help me solve my doubts:Since you only need to be responsible to my boss who pays you,Then why do you care about the voice of my men?”Chen Geng smiled:“Are those guys paying you??”
Chen Geng’s voice is not loud,Not so harsh,The tone sounds more like talking to Jack·Welch kidding,Although the weather is not so hot,Jack·The sweat on Welch’s forehead kept running down,He doesn’t even know how to respond,Because Chen Geng said nothing,As a professional manager invited by Chen Geng,Jack·Welch needs to be accountable to the person who pays him,Even if there is real resistance from Chen Geng’s men, your work is delayed,You can ask Chen Geng to coordinate,So what’s the matter of delaying your job?
Because this problem is completely unsolvable,Jack·Welch groaned for a long time,I froze without answering a word。
“Mr. Welch,How long will it take for the quality to reach the second stage goal set earlier?”Chen Geng changed the topic,Xiang Jack·Welch asked。
seemingly……Fernandez no longer pursues previous issues?
I heard this question the big boss asked his boss,Two following Jack·Welch came together to pick up Chen Geng、The old man he brought over from General Electric gave a vague look at each other,There is some joy in my eyes——It seems that this Mr. billionaire is the same thing,Is really better to bully。