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“Wu Feifan?you,Did you betrayed too?Where is the second master?Where is he?”This time,Uncle Bing is completely angry,Scream。

Wu Feifan glanced at Uncle Bing indifferently,Said slowly:“I have never betrayed and Liansheng,I’m sorry, and Liansheng。I just came to tell you,Erye killed Awen,Caught on the spot by the mainland police,He won’t go back to Hong Kong Island。”
This remark,Uproar。
Erye killed someone in the mainland,Caught by the police,That is basically a dead word。
“Aqiang turned to be a tainted witness,The things Erye did before,I’ve confessed everything to the police。Please ask for your blessings!”
After Wu Feifan finished,Take a deep look at Fatty,Turn around and leave,Like an ancient knight,One sword to seal the throat,Hidden merit and fame。
He is not stupid,If it weren’t for Fatty’s strength behind his back,He may not be able to get away easily from the case committed by the second master,Maybe go to jail。
I heard that Erye was arrested,Uncle Bing is finally in chaos,He understands Wu Feifan,If anyone in Heliansheng never tells lies,Then Feifan Wu is one of them。
“young people,You have been deliberately dealing with and winning together,What is it for?You and fourteenKThese people join hands,It should have cost a lot of money。”At this moment,He and Liansheng’s leader Shengye finally spoke。
Chapter Three Hundred and Eighty Two Monster Appears
Facing Shengye’s problem,Lu Menglin nodded,Keep smiling:“Sorry,You are the leader of Liansheng?I want to discuss business with you。If you tell me what I want to know,I can call the shots,Let them let you go。Even if it’s gone and Liansheng,It’s okay to find a place to spend your old age。”
“What do you want to know?”He Liansheng laughed sadly。
Lu Menglin looked at Uncle Bing’s pale face,Then said lightly:“I have found Hall Master Lei Tianyang,He also told me something。
Last July,Lei Tianyang listens to your instructions,Send someone toCcity,Find Jing Lang to kidnap a girl named Su Xuehen。I want to know why?”
Hear this question,Dalongtou Master Sheng and Uncle Bing all froze for a while。