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During its movement,Almost ignored the effect of gravity,From the ground to the wall,Into the void,Its snake body seems to be able to pass through all material obstacles,Appear anywhere,Unpredictable,This is the scariest part of it。

Neither Lu Menglin nor Chen Jiannan have seen this type of monster,Facing the unknown,Of course fear。 boom!Lu Menglin waved his arm and hit the snake’s body accurately.,Bang it over the belly,Kink the body painfully。 “Okay!”Lu Menglin and Chen Jiannan breathed a sigh of relief at the same time,This monster can be hit,And it seems to […]

For them,The sword is the lifeblood,Few people can understand swords,Fewer people can appreciate swords,As for those who can make friends with Jian, there are very few。

“Can the old man return to the sword??” Zhu Wushuang didn’t return it immediately,Instead speak again:“Can this sword be handed over?,Maybe I can make it shine again,of course,After repairing it, I will definitely return to Zhao,Without any conditions。” This is a challenge,As a famous swordsmith,He couldn’t help but make such a request。 But Xia Chenglong […]

“We are really wronged about this,that5000Tons of gold,We are buying from Jian Ying organization,According to market price,Normal transaction,I can provide the current transaction record as proof,By no means the gold we stole!”

“Uh uh,you are right。”The old man nodded seriously,“The vaults in Zurich are the safest,No one can steal gold from Zurich’s vault!” The old man’s words became firmer and Qiao Tianyu could get it back“justice”Confidence,So Qiao Tianyu went on to argue。 “Let’s talk about the young messenger of your family,It’s mine to hurt him,But as soon […]

“what happened,Tianyu,Are you scared??”I saw Qiao Tianyu bowed his head and said nothing after listening to the explanation,Qiao Daye came over and patted Qiao Tianyu on the shoulder,Asked with concern。

“Daye,You say I can’t be afraid?I’m so worried in case I get a trick,Not only can’t save Mr. Wu Wenjie,I’m afraid that even those allies of mine will get in!”Qiao Tianyu said truthfully。 “Tianyu,Did you forget that we still have a trump card in our hand?”Geodaye explained with a smile。 “trump card?What trump card?”Qiao Tianyu […]

Hear this sentence,Zhou Min stopped immediately,There was a touch of uncontrollable joy on his face。

“You really know?”Zhou Min asked again。 :。: ———— Chapter Four Hundred and Twenty Five Powerful Sister Lu Menglin nodded,Smiled sincerely,Tao:“Yes,I know。” At this moment,I saw the two talk together,Zhu Qiuhong also jumped off the treadmill,I came to Lu Menglin。 “He said he knew Nan Ge Li!”Although Zhou Min is a tall man,But smile like a […]

“What!Convince him?Can this kind of thing be persuaded??wrong!I didn’t like him!Dead girl,Dare you yin me!”Zhong Liying screamed。

“Ugh!Jin Yuliang said you can’t listen,Then I can’t help it!Go back to the dorm to sleep!Big Dream Fang Juexiao,Relieve thousands of worries,Sleep,Sleep!”Xu Ling laughed, Fly away。 This guy is also weird,Obviously he has a beautiful face,But never had anything to do with girls,I just want to lie in bed and have his great dreams。 At […]

Liu Xing looked blank when holding the documents and medals in his hand,Because he feels,I have worked so hard for so many years but have no results,Then somehow what I wanted appeared in front of me one day。All this makes him feel so unreal。

At this time the councillor said,“Don’t be too disappointed,It is impossible for the king to honor you himself。But now all the documents and medals are real。Your title is even recognized in our official。So we have achieved the conditions you want。” Finished,This congressman looked at Qin Feng。 meet as planned,I gave it to myself,So the silver-haired […]

The issue is,In the living room, Jiang Yan and Su Rou are sitting on stools and looking directly at him。It’s like looking at her cheating husband’s wife。

“The atmosphere is not right,Speak,Something to ask!” Qin Feng is straightforward,I don’t play mental games with the two girls。 “Did you kill Xu Jinshan??”Su Rou is talking。After all, in the eyes of the latter,Qin Feng is a murderer。Besides, combining Jiang Yan’s previous“Confession”,Su Rou felt that her inference was getting more and more correct。 Qin Feng […]

These guys are absolutely life-saving,Realizing that my life is not my own final decision,They immediately took the most correct course:Hands open,Slowly leave his waist,Then lift up,Representing that he has no intention of launching an attack,Until this time,They dared to look at Chen Geng with angry eyes——How can you kill without saying a word?!

“Who told you,You are qualified to bargain?”The gun in Laleford’s hand is still holding:“Gentlemen,bossVery kind to you,Because ofbossIs a gentleman,But this does not mean that you are qualified to bargain,Invite you to come today,Just to inform you that you have to follow thisbossTo do,Hope you guys can understand this。” It doesn’t matter if you don’t […]

As for letting Wang Meng come forward,Of course Zhang Yong’s persuasion is needed,Because everyone in the city basically knows something,Zhang Yong and Wang Meng are very close。

otherwise,Zhang Yong’s Yong Gang cannot develop so quickly。 “Row,I go to contact.” . After Qin Feng left the detective station, he was going toAGo downtown。 of course,He did it。After all, he just drove over here to buy clothes。Who knows I didn’t buy the clothes,Instead it caused such a thing。How can he stay here at this […]