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———— First127chapter Create fait accompli For a while,The three talents can be considered as a close up。 Li Guang, who had always been very wise and didn’t speak much, came forward,Smiled:“Come,Several,Don’t stand here anymore,This cold day,Come in quickly,We have heating in our house,Talk as long as you want。” Ding Haijun nodded again and again:“Yes,Let’s go […]

In the inspection team,Sun Shoupeng, director of the Jialing Factory、Chief Engineer Chen Xingming,Professor Song Jingying from the Department of Automotive Engineering of Huaqing University,Hu Liang, director of the first-level automobile bureau,Ding Haijun, the minister of the embassy, was accompanied,What is the total number of the inspection team17people,As for the gift they gave Chen Geng,Except for the two cubs of the little Chinese pastoral dogs that Chen Geng had been thinking about when he went to China last time,There are many iron bumps……

Yes,They are sending samples of car parts to Chen Geng,After months of running in,These agricultural machinery system and automobile system parts manufacturing enterprises selected by Chen Geng,Finally produced parts that meet Chen Geng’s requirements,The next thing Chen Geng has to do is to send these parts to the testing agency for testing.,As long as it […]

“Take a look,Everyone here is gone,There are only two of us left,I guess that Miss Shen family should have already left, right!”Xiao Fan said。

Lin Yuner heard Xiao Fan say this,Blame yourself immediately,If not by yourself,I’m afraid Xiao Fan just sent away Dean Wang and the children,He should be looking for Miss Shen’s family! ———— Chapter Three Hundred and Seventeen Just ask Because this charity party was hosted by the Shen family,So Miss Shen Jialai was also at the […]

Xia Chenglong raised his head to look at a blood corpse,The corners of the mouth rise slightly,Evokes a playful smile,The expression suddenly became cold,And saw him like this,There was a faint tremor in my heart。

The blood corpse took a deep breath,Forcibly calmed my mood,At this moment, he gave Xia Chenglong a gloomy look,Then spit out a few words from his mouth coldly:“You must die here today,No one can save you。” Xia Chenglong’s mouth rose slightly,Evoked a playful smile:“You are weak,Your breath is much weaker than just now。” Xia Chenglong’s […]

“Ha ha!I really thought there was such a good thing every year,Come again。”Sister Fei sneered。

This word,Jean Populus、Hua Tsai and the audience in the live broadcast room are a little bit confused。 Sister Fei explained to everyone,This Korean,Came last year,Also missed an ancient painting,Made almost a million,This is RMB,Not their worthless won。 This year again,It seems to have had the sweetness last year。 The audience in the live broadcast room […]

“I’m on the court,You come in along the road and turn left,Stop when you see the basketball court,wait for me,I can see you。”Lu Menglin on the phone replied。

Soon,Uncle Jihu and Yao Baldou who came from Beijing specially came to the Shenzhen University。 A moment later,They finally met Lu Menglin。 Lu Menglin wearing a jersey vest and big shorts,Sweatly appeared in front of the two。 “I was playing a game just now!Free now,What are you looking for?”Lu Menglin raised his head and smiled,Bright […]

“Oh?There is such a thing?”Zhang

Qingtan blinked,Pretending to be surprised。 “Otherwise, how could he get the position of chief instructor??Who knows how much it cost!Do you know the legendary game?”Gong Hu seems to have come prepared,Talk freely。 “I know!When I was on vacation,I played with friends in my home internet cafe for a few days,The game is fun。”A young soldier […]

suddenly,His eyes fell on the sofa in the corner of the room,The whole person is like an electric shock,Cold sweat all over,Completely stiff,I won’t even move。

Because on the sofa by the wall,Sitting a man with Erlang’s legs upright,It is Major Mausen in casual clothes。 Wei Xiaoxing saw this strong man in the army,Suddenly I saw a cat like a mouse,A look of fear suddenly appeared in the eyes,He doesn’t understand,Why doesn’t the other party look for anyone,I just found him。 […]