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Just when he wandered around again,Liu Xing feels very depressed。

Because he saw a familiar shadow,No other,Is to recognize that exaggerated windbreaker。
Familiar hook,Familiar taste。
Liu Xing squinted,But the body can’t help but follow it honestly。He knows this person is wrong,But I can’t help but want to know what the origin of this product is,What is the purpose of finding yourself。
“brothers,Ask for a ticket?”The man in the windbreaker came again。
“Is this your usual opening remark?”Liu Xing couldn’t help asking。After all, this person is special,I always feel like he is close to himself。
“Ha ha.follow me!”
Talking,The man in the windbreaker leads the way。
Liu Xing’s reason tells himself to follow the other party,What kind of scene awaits him is unknown。But he still followed very nervously。Even he doesn’t know why。
“Am i hypnotized?Shouldn’t!”
then,Liu Xing followed the man in a trench coat,Actually came to a nearby unfinished building。
“its not right,Are there any unfinished buildings in the capital??”Liu Xing feels incredible。
then,He found that there is something in this unfinished building,Obviously there is only one floor outline outside,Unexpectedly, there are sofas and various living utensils in the buildings inside。It looks like a secret base for those kids。