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Facing the persuasion of two good brothers,Xin Zhao felt his tears were about to come down“Rest assured,This feud,I will report back!”

just now,Ge Xiaolun and Cheng Yaowen, these two bastards tried to pull Xin Zhao into the water,Stepped directly on his foot。 One stepped on the left foot,One is right foot。 If it wasn’t for his physique, it’s OK,Xin Zhao should go to the hospital at this time,Look at the footprints on the ground,And this pair […]

“I disagree!”Same glasses、Just each shorterBExpress objection loudly:“I think Comrade Xiang Dong’s suggestion is a bit too idealistic,Before mentioning these,I must remind everyone to pay attention,That is Mr. Chen Geng’s English name is Fernandez·Chen,He is a Chinese American,Comrades,Please note,Chinese-American!People have American citizenship,Is an american!

Let an American give us advice,Is there any essential difference between this and the time when the Qing government let the British Hurd control our country’s customs??Wouldn’t he Chen Geng give some suggestions that are beneficial to their Americans??” “Are you looking at people with colored eyes!”OpposedAOf course not convinced,Yelled the same loudly:“Mr. Chen Geng […]

I didn’t expect that Pluto would also come。

This is a bit lively,Everyone seems to watch Xia Chenglong first,Even Yue Wuhen was a little surprised,It turns out that this guy’s background is not simple。 “Jia Pai,Are we eligible to fight now??” joke,Count Xia Chenglong himself,There are a total of seven holy places above the fifth rank。 Three of the eight products,Two Seven,A five-pin,Such […]

“I’m right to pay you, right??”

“Yes……” “You just need to be responsible to me,Is this correct??” “……” Jack·Welch can’t answer。 “Then can you help me solve my doubts:Since you only need to be responsible to my boss who pays you,Then why do you care about the voice of my men?”Chen Geng smiled:“Are those guys paying you??” Chen Geng’s voice is […]

Who is not satisfied,Wages remain the same,No increase!

Do work,It’s not good to be kind。 Wang Dazhi breathed a sigh of relief,Just surprise、I thanked Chen Geng,He is also a little worried:“Mr. Chen,We hafei……Can there be so many production tasks??” Implication,Hafei must be profitable,Can’t always rely on your subsidy,This is not a long-term solution,Do you have any way to make Hafei make a lot […]

“Will do,Sister, I also have magical powers now,Nothing will happen。”After the purple girl smiled slightly,Just said“But Zilanxuan has troubled you these few days。”

“Do not worry,Brother Wei Zhuang and I will look after Zilanxuan for sister Zinv。”Nongyu nodded and agreed。 Although Wei Zhuang didn’t say,But by looking at his expression, you know that Zilanxuan will love him。 “Ok。”See here,The purple girl grabbed the chain snake soft sword in her hand。 Then under the gaze of Wei Zhuang and […]

“but,If you have a chance to join the tens of billions club in the future,Please remember the experience these days,My generation of warriors suffer from secret medicine,As long as you stand in a high position and raise your arms,I will definitely help。”

When Tu Chuan said these words,Look very serious,Lu Menglin can clearly feel his sincerity。 “If one day,I will try my best。”Lu Menglin pondered for a long while,Finally nodded and said。 These days,The biggest impact on him is the change in the mindset of the secret medicine warrior。 The scale and number of arcane warriors are […]

“Wu Feifan?you,Did you betrayed too?Where is the second master?Where is he?”This time,Uncle Bing is completely angry,Scream。

Wu Feifan glanced at Uncle Bing indifferently,Said slowly:“I have never betrayed and Liansheng,I’m sorry, and Liansheng。I just came to tell you,Erye killed Awen,Caught on the spot by the mainland police,He won’t go back to Hong Kong Island。” This remark,Uproar。 Erye killed someone in the mainland,Caught by the police,That is basically a dead word。 “Aqiang turned […]


Again in unison,But Zheng Ziling and Huang Zetao looked at each other,Coincidentally“It’s so fucking arrogant”I swallowed these words back。 Ordinary competitive fighting,All taking advantage of the other party’s mistakes,Seize the opportunity to perform a violent operation,Until you beat your opponent until you can’t fight back;But Xiang Chen is different,Every time after repelling Steve,This guy doesn’t […]