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“I disagree!”Same glasses、Just each shorterBExpress objection loudly:“I think Comrade Xiang Dong’s suggestion is a bit too idealistic,Before mentioning these,I must remind everyone to pay attention,That is Mr. Chen Geng’s English name is Fernandez·Chen,He is a Chinese American,Comrades,Please note,Chinese-American!People have American citizenship,Is an american!

Let an American give us advice,Is there any essential difference between this and the time when the Qing government let the British Hurd control our country’s customs??Wouldn’t he Chen Geng give some suggestions that are beneficial to their Americans??”
“Are you looking at people with colored eyes!”OpposedAOf course not convinced,Yelled the same loudly:“Mr. Chen Geng has not only made large investments in our country over the years,Also gave us a lot of suggestions,You won’t admit it?In other words,Mr. Chen Geng has passed the test of time、Proved his attitude towards us,If you can’t trust even such a friend,Can we still have friends internationally?”
AwithBBoth sides hold their own words,No one can say no one can pay。
Other comrades in the room rub their temples lightly,Some pinched their eyebrows。
Actually everyone knows,AGay andBThe two speeches of the comrades represent the current domestic attitudes towards Chen Geng,Kind of likeA,With an attitude of rushing to the doctor,I feel that Chen Geng has proved himself with his past performance,Huaxia should consult Chen Geng at this time,Not to mention that it must be adopted,But multiple suggestions can give us one more idea, right??
andB,Is relatively conservative:I know Chen Geng used to do very well,But this is a major decision related to the Chinese nation in the coming decades and hundreds of years.,Please advise us strictly from people inside the enemy,Do you think it fits?In case there is a problem,In the future, we will all be sinners of the Chinese nation,The kind that will never stand up!
How to choose,Really embarrassed people。
Watching the quarrelAGay andBGay,Everyone can’t help but discuss in a low voice……
“How to do?”
“I do not know,headache。”
“This decision can’t be made casually……”
“But not?But let me say,It’s good to listen to Mr. Chen Geng’s suggestions,If you listen to it, you will be bright, but if you believe it, it will be dark,Chen Geng can make suggestions,Isn’t it us??Even if his suggestion is really sugar-coated,Big deal we leave the icing,Just throw the cannonball aside。”
“Ha ha……This is correct,But you can guarantee that you can identify the icing、Where is the cannonball?”
Just at this time,A comrade ran in from outside,People are still outside,The voice has come in:“Latest news,Latest news,Geological survey has been completed over the mountain city,Prove that the geological structure of the mountain city can satisfy the construction of one50Requirements for large-scale agricultural urea production bases of 10,000 tons。”